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Firearms/Concealed Carry Insurance

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Firearms/Concealed Carry

Why do I need firearms/concealed carry insurance?

If you are one of the estimated four million American gun and rifle owners, you may be carrying a significant and unnecessary risk. Owning
a firearm exposes you to far-reaching, individual liability. Gun owners are commonly being held responsible for damages resulting from
negligent or willful acts involving the use of their firearms-even if the negligent or willful act takes place after the gun is lost or stolen. As the registered owner of the gun, new laws place ultimate liability on you.

Traditional insurance companies are now, more than ever, avoiding coverage for activities or incidents involving firearms. They define
these activities as extreme in nature, allowing them to be excluded from coverage-usually in fine print.

New Castle Doctrine Law

n 2011, the State of North Carolina revised the Castle Doctrine Law. Click the link below to find out more.

Castle Doctrine Law
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